When I first explored the potentials of bringing appreciative inquiry and organizational best practices sharing to online communities in business and non-profits, I soon came to the conclusion the whole thing – of creating a vibrant, alive, relevant, user friendly virtual space – was a mirage. But no more. I have now seen the future of positive organizational learning, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. It is real. It is exciting. And the potentials are vast.

OvationNet is the result of my close collaboration with iCohere, and combines the best of AI with online learning and web collaboration tools, providing new resources for consultants, researchers, and organizations.

OvationNet is the name we have given to the collection of next generation tools for elevating the impact of Appreciative Inquiry. These online tools are intended to complement face-to-face AI processes and also provide ways to engage stakeholders who might otherwise not be able to participate in the positive change process. I welcome you to contact my colleagues at iCohere to learn more about how OvationNet can support your work.

David Cooperrider
Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University

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